Pieced together following the release of their debut album, Propeller, in 2017, Social Void was formed as an effort to recreate studio ideas in a live setting, and while the songwriting initially consisted of brothers Chip and Brent Cooley trying to accurately illustrate Chip’s experiences with mental illness,  it has evolved into a multi-voiced and layered experience with a unique atmosphere, based around honest and introspective lyrics. 

With the addition of keyboardist, Elijah Kuzia and lead guitarist, Quell Graham, they released their sophomore effort, Resurrection Choir in late February of 2020. Though the pandemic interrupted any plans for touring the album, Social Void was able to participate in what they saw as a pivotal event in the life of the band to raise awareness for anxiety disorder and other mental health related illnesses. This has been a driving motivation for them ever since.

They’re currently working on a third album with newest member, Jesse Tortorella, who had been filling in on drums even prior to the release of Resurrection Choir.

The band will be playing a handful of shows in and around their hometown of Charleston, SC, while they record and plan for a campus tour in the fall.